Terms and Conditions
  • I understand that the HWRCs are licensed to receive household waste only and that the permit is only valid for me to dispose of my own household waste, as described on the permit. It will only be valid for the vehicle stated and for the period shown on the permit.

  • I understand that the permit is not valid for anybody else's waste or any type of waste not listed on the permit.

  • I understand that any abuse of a permit will lead to it being withdrawn.

  • It is an offence under the Environmental Protection Act(1990) to deposit waste illegally. If you collect waste other than your own, you are required to possess a Waste Carriers Licence. Waste produced or carried in the course of a business is commercial waste and cannot be accepted as household waste.

  • I have read and understood the terms and conditions as stated above. I confirm that the waste I wish to deposit is household waste arising from my own house and for which I have not charged for removing.

  • MRWA  reserves the right to revoke permits and to refuse admission to its HWRCs if false information is given to obtain a permit or if a permit is used to dispose of commercial waste. Giving false information to obtain a permit or using a permit to dispose of commercial waste may constitute a criminal offence and may give rise to a charge being imposed for any waste deposited.

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